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AGHAST! are a four-piece extreme metal band from London, formed after a drinking competition and subsequent visit to the medical tent, at Wacken Open Air Festival, in Germany, 2006.

The AGHAST! sound is about tapping into the energy that runs through all types of music. The force that makes you grin, pull faces and shake various parts of your anatomy. In short, AGHAST! write music for good times that will move you in more ways than one.

Ripping apart the extreme metal rule book, AGHAST! incorporate the blasting fury of death metal, sickening speed of thrash metal and the slamming bounce of grindcore. With an ear for melody that will leave you humming along to the ringing in your ears.

Don’t expect lacklustre fret-gazing when you see them live. Prepare for a joyous assault on your eardrums that will utilise every ounce of energy in the building and leave everyone grinning from ear to ear.