Afterlife Crisis Lyrics

Though we are not immortal, our legend will linger on, long after we’re gone
Though all life is sacred at the end of the day
It’s far better to burn out than it is to fade away

Love’s all we have left, grab hold of the bull by its horns or get trampled to death
It’s never too late. But you sure as hell can’t return from beyond the grave.

Regret should be reserved for those who kill or maim their fellow man
For it is worse by far to regret what you have not said or done
Following in the footsteps of those who strayed away from the path
Forging your own destiny is the only way to make it, last

Though we’re not immortal, our legend will linger on
Like monuments hewn out of stone, left standing long after we’re gone
The bitter end will taste all the sweeter, with your friends
Rising up from the obscure, all of sudden, crystal clear

Is our search for reason tempered by the make believe?
Disregard what you have read and forget all that you have heard
Focus on the ones you love and savour every breath and every word
For what might be the last time. Because this might be the last time!

Once you’re dead you’re made for life!
When the laughter dies down and the sleeping begins
Then the ones who gave in can reflect on their sins
So once again we’ve come to an end with no solution
So, sit back, relax and contemplate confusion

The seed of all creation are buried deep in the boundary beyond the pale
We are made of stardust and dreams we’ll return to the space in between
For what might be the last time
Because this could be the last time
I see your face