AGHAST! Interviews AGHAST!


What is your favourite name?
Ruth, Leopold or Bacchus. I also like nouns such as ‘bridge’ or ‘amaryllis’

If you were an instrument, what instrument would you be?
For me it would probably be a cello. Or a thigh master. Or an Iron Maiden, but without the spikes, just the huggin’.

Rather. Could you pass me the mustard old chap? Any pickled onions left?

If you could design an AGHAST! Pizza what toppings would there be?
Thin crust, tomato base, but a mix of 3:1 of bbq sauce, chicken, bacon, red peppers and chillis. Basil for presentation.

You can invite any three people to dinner. Who would they be? One doesn’t show. Who would you rather that was?
I’d invite David Attenborough, as you know he’d bring the great stories, Judy Dench as you know she would get pretty raucous after a couple glasses of wine, and James Franco, as he’d bring the jokes and the necessaries for a party. If one were to not show I guess it’d have to be Franco- there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, you know?

What is your favourite method of torture?
[exhales] that’s a tough one. Probably the one where they play really loud music at you. That way everyone’s happy- the artist gets some PRS [rolls eyes], the torturer gets to play ‘DJ’, and I get some music at a volume I can actually hear for once.

What three albums are you listening to at the moment?
Another tough one, can I change my answer to the last question to ‘being asked this one?’

If you could create a new genre of music, what would it be?
Baroque Jazz death breakcore… What do you mean Igorrr already did that? Nice.

If you could be in any band other than AGHAST! Which would it be?
A band like Whourkr or Shitwife, something fast, abrasive and full of amen breaks between the blast-beats.

What skills do you have?
Depends… What do you need done..? Sorry, probably shouldn’t do that.

If you could give another band member a superpower, what would they be and why?
Sam would be one of them annoying superheroes who gets to have all of the powers, but chooses to selectively forget them in order for the storyline to progress with sufficient drama where necessary.

Nick would have the power to stun people into silence and confusion with his words, a bit like Jedi mind control, but funnier.

James’ power would be super-strength which gets more powerful the angrier he gets, think like the Hulk with better dress sense.

Tell us an interesting fact about James Khan.
James Khan was present at the battle of Waterloo, as a decoy/ stand in for the Duke of Wellington, with whom he bares more than a passing resemblance, leading to the success of the Anglo-Allied army. To this day James won’t talk about the battle, nor how he has managed to avoid ageing since the event, but we give him all the respect due to such a highly decorated war hero.

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