AGHAST! Interviews AGHAST!


What is your favourite name??

If you were an instrument, what instrument would you be??
An inverted church organ. Large, noisy, full of hot air… and horribly blasphemous.

If you’re offering… Serrano all the way!

If you could design an AGHAST! Pizza what toppings would there be??
Would have to be a mix of pretty much everything. All the meats meets chicken BBQ with extra jalapeños and pineapple. Stuffed crust with sausage inside. An unholy mess basically.

You can invite any three people to dinner. Who would they be? One doesn’t show. Who would you rather that was??
Ernest Hemingway for some life advice and drinking games. Jennifer Lawrence because Jennifer Lawrence. Louis CK for the laughs. Sorry Louis…

What is your favourite method of torture??
Sometimes I like to…

What 3 albums are you listening to at the moment??
You + Me – rose ave. (Beautiful)
Misery Index – The Killing Gods (Brutal)
The Ocean – Anthropocentric (Brilliant)

If you could create a new genre of music, what would it be??
We’re all about mixing styles of music. I love metal but I also love Motown. So Motel?! Catchy and crushing with hooks all over the place.

If you could be in any band other than AGHAST! which would it be??
Probably something more mellow like Porcupine Tree or Karnivool. So I could do some more clean singing!

What skills do you have??
I can cook. I know my way around a cocktail blender. I write some fairly sick bars from time to time. And I’m a mean archer, so watch your back!

If you could give each band member a superpower what would they be and why??
Sam would be able to shoot lightening from his finger tips.
Nick could use his pneumatic arms to tunnel through the earth.
Daniel’s slick moves make him the Pied Piper of dance. Follow him.

Tell us an interesting fact about James Khan?
James Khan is the only man on earth who resembles everyone but himself.

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