AGHAST! Interviews AGHAST!


What is your favourite name??
Dick Chocolate

If you were an instrument, what instrument would you be??
Bad mood = French Horn. Good mood = Ukulele

Well, yes. This is an idiotic question. We all know what the answer is. Bit of a waste of a question. If you ever deny ham then you’re obviously a right cock.

If you could design an AGHAST! Pizza what toppings would there be??
You’d never know. “Could I have the AGHAST! Pizza please. Xxl. Thin crust.” And it would arrive covered in octopus and shoe laces and you’d be really impressed because it’s always a surprise. You never know what you’re going to get. Great for parties.

You can invite any three people to dinner. Who would they be? One doesn’t show. Who would you rather that was??
Probably the other guys in the band. If one didn’t show then I’d probably go for Derek, our trampoline tech.

What is your favourite method of torture??
Lack of things I enjoy consuming. If any of these are not in arms reach then it’s basically torture. If we’re going for traditional torture methods then I’ll go for Vanessa Felts, I really don’t like her. But if we’re going for proper traditional torture methods then probably being stretched on one of those stretch boards. They look a bit uncomfortable. Great for short people though. Probably should have them on the NHS.

What 3 albums are you listening to at the moment??
Behemoth – The Satanist. I like Behemoth’s sound on this record, seems to make more sense and the atmosphere is somewhat amplified in my opinion. It also sounds organic; not clinical.
Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve. Always give this a spin now and then. My favourite Meshuggah album. (and seems to be with most drummers so I’ve noticed…)
Soilwork – The Living Infinite. What can I say…I love these guys and this double album rarely leaves my stereo, either one of the discs! They kind of tick every box with me.

If you could create a new genre of music, what would it be??
Probably a genre called ‘METAL’ which metal bands could play in without people obsessively pigeon-holing them. “omg, I heard this band recently, they’re like post-glam rubberduckcore.”

If you could be in any band other than AGHAST! which would it be??
Brass band. Naked brass band. It would be awkward but we’d be a hit on the naturist touring circuit.

What skills do you have??
Hahahahahahahahah yeah

If you could give each band member a superpower what would they be and why??
Daniel – the ability to move objects with his buttocks. Just seems ‘right’.
James – whippy-elbows – super light speed elbows which can make icecream. Someone’s got to do it.
Sam – to be able to morph into an elderly woman at any time. Could be good for us in case we need to get the bus and we haven’t got any money.

Tell us an interesting fact about James Khan?