AGHAST! Interviews AGHAST!


What is your favourite name??
James Khan

If you were an instrument, what instrument would you be??
The Tuba. An instrument that is both pleasant and perhaps verging on humorous, but one that can swiftly turn into an incessant rampage of tiresome bellowing puffs of hot loud air; one that is mildly awkward to accommodate and somewhat on the melancholy side if on its own.

What kind of ha… I mean, yeah. OK.

If you could design an AGHAST! Pizza what toppings would there be??
Chilli tomato sauce, ‘borrowed’ mozzarella, a pentagram of peperoni interwoven with chorizo, olives, with a garlic sauce drizzle, thin base and a garlic crust.

You can invite any three people to dinner. Who would they be? One doesn’t show. Who would you rather that was??
Van Gogh, Hemingway and Steven Lavender Thorn. I’d be all right if Steven didn’t show. I don’t really know the guy.

What is your favourite method of torture??
The Lion King. …Sure it all starts out groovy but… such betrayal.

What 3 albums are you listening to at the moment??
Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano II
Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon
Led Zeppelin – IV

If you could create a new genre of music, what would it be??
Miffle. Metal Skiffle. Watch this space.

If you could be in any band other than AGHAST! which would it be??
I really don’t think any other band would have me. But it sounds like they don’t really have a choice. Queen.

What skills do you have??
I have mastered the ability to not master abilities.

If you could give each band member a superpower what would they be and why??
Daniel – Silent Invisible Sight.
James – The power to hear temperature.
Nick – The ability to communicate with loose twigs.

NONE OF THEM should have but one thing that could propel them into any position of power.

Tell us an interesting fact about James Khan?
He shares with me a similar fondness for the name, James Khan.

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